“A president who loves his people would not have ordered soldiers to kill them.” — Saraki

Source: Dailytrust

It’s entirely Saraki’s ‘wahala’ how he define ‘people’ in the context of the presidential directives. If he chooses to see people that are verifiably identified as behind the serial denial of constitutional rights of Nigerians to elect leaders of their choices as allowed and designed by democracy it’s his problem after all, I don’t expect a pig to see sense in teaching piglets hygiene lessons.

The truth is, people like Saraki are used to cheap power. Their relevance and political  empires were built through inimical methods the commonest being ballot box snatching hence, it’s reasonable for them to see President Buhari’s extreme response against such tendencies as basically an attack against their very existence as politicians and, only people who could estimate the dilemma of a fish out of water could estimate the dilemma of a deactivated polished crook.

The truth is, in conflict with Saraki’s wailing, a President who loves his people will go to any legitimate length to see they have a fair democratic deal of casting their votes and having their votes count even if by neutralizing the criminally configured few among the citizenry (democracy 101). What’s the sense in having a democracy where elections are determined by thugs sponsored by unscrupulous charlatans?

If shame is a culture in Nigeria Saraki will not get involve with any debate about political thuggery even in the deepest recess of his home. Accused of having links with the deadly gang behind the deadly Offa robbery which left over 30 innocent Nigerians dead, Saraki is the least qualified to tell Nigerians how President Buhari could make their lives safer and better while guaranteeing their rights to participate in the processes of electing their leaders.

It’s quite probable that, had somebody taken such a farseeing measure of curtailing the activities of ballot box snatchers, we wouldn’t have seen ballot box snatchers growing into deadly gangs of armed robbers that could go outside the traditional ballot box snatching domain to venture into ‘peacetime’ criminal hobbies of disturbing public peace sometimes with deadly consequences as was the case with the mentioned Offa robbery which Saraki’s alleged involvement as a co-conspirator while serving as Nigeria’s Senate President will remain the most dizzying conflict in the history of humanity until somebody is allowed to grow wilder than him using similar docility President Buhari has stamped his foot to reverse and give Nigeria’s democracy a chance to grow.

That people like Saraki are working hard to twist the presidential directives for the purpose of confusing the public to gain cheap political sympathy is quite in order. However, it’s verifiable that President Buhari’s directives was not aimed at innocent Nigerians who are asking for nothing more than their legitimate rights to cast their votes and have their votes counted. Only a dummy will fail to see it’s a directive aimed at people like Saraki who have no compunction sending their children to the best schools around the world while stealing every kobo intended to educate children of the masses just to have a ready pool of drugged unemployed youth to employ as ballot box snatchers during elections, thereafter, keep them on “enough-to-live-less-than-enough-to-survive” allowances to maintain their loyalty for periodic ad-hoc criminal duties as may be required by political exigencies. If you can’t understand this simple arithmetic, you have no business debating the legality and propriety of President Buhari’s directives.

While wishing law abiding Nigerians a happy Friday, let me also wish potential ballot box snatchers a humanly “rest in peace” in advance as any attempt to snatch a ballot box tomorrow may be the last act of earthly criminality one may engage in.

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